Sthira: Elderly Mobility
​Asses Elders Risk of Fall. Based on STEADI program

Goal Elderly Mobility
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Sthira : Self-check Elderly Fall-Risk

The application makes fall-risk self-assessment and fall prevention a part and parcel of every elderly’s life. initiated at every contact with elderly. Self fall-risk assessment and general measures are very easy to implement. Using this simple tool elderly can detect risk factors in their person and their living spaces. Self-screening and mitigation of risk factors can add life to their years. prevent unnecessary suffering and drastically improve their quality of life. 

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Sthira solves for Elderly Mobility; Restores Quality of Life

Mobility problems may include unsteadiness while walking, difficulty in  getting in and out of a chair, or falls. Muscle weakness, joint problems, pain, disease, and neurological difficulties.  (or) vision problems, and due to this, Many of elderly people are prone to fall.  These falls can sometimes lead to serious illness.

These can be detected using an App (Sthira), which helps us to detect strength, Gait issue, Balance issue  (and ) vision problems using a mobile application anywhere at any time.

​Goals of Elderly Mobility

Fall-risk self-assessment addresses a globally neglected part of elderly care - fall prevention and elderly mobility. Mobility is critical to preserve elderly health and falls are a very significant event in our elders’ lives.  Beyond adverse cardiac or respiratory events, people above 60 years of age face accelerated and significant risk of fall. Majority of the fracture surgery in elderly can be avoided if falls are prevented. A fall beyond this age often results in permanent loss of independence, severe fractures requiring expensive hospitalization and traumatic surgery, and even loss of life. 

Approximately 1 in 4 elderly fall every year (source STEADI, CDC, Atlanta). The free application helps elderly and their loved ones self-assess their risk of fall and suggests general measures to reduce this risk. It is based on STEADI (Stopping Elderly accidents, death and injury) initiative of CDC, Atlanta. Over 130 million elderly Indians and over 700 million elderly globally would benefit from the application. 

The main goal of elderly mobility are as follows

  •  To live independently - To do their personal work on their own without  help from others.and can also do some of the household work.

  • To stay fit and healthy- Maintaining mobility helps elderly to remain fit and maintain weight, which will further help in avoiding some health issues.

  1.  To avoid life threatening falls -  Elderly may be worried  of fall risk when they go out.

  •  To avoid fracture surgery -  Avoiding surgeries that arise due to fall in elderly.

To participate in community activities -     To mingle with family and friends.