SAMNI : Community-led, Hyperlocal Health Relief

Samni or "connectedness" - Where Communities drive their own health relief. 

  A pro-bono health supplies tracker to rapidly scale up last mile health relief beyond internet and motorable roads. 
​Communities nominate beneficiary facilities, establish hubs, connect volunteers, track delivery  & collaborate with nonprofits for medical relief.

Benefits of the Platform

It is easily adaptable as it involves no complex elements.

​We can keep track of the requests we receive. 

​ It involves no cost, as the platform is ready and you just need to join us through the onboarding process.

It saves our time, so that we can fulfil more number of requests in less time.

​Allows communities to drive their own health relief.

It doesn't require experts to handle.

Steps for Onboarding

Register for a demo

Explore the platform

Collate information of Hubs, Agents, Coordinators

Onboard communities to deliver medical relief

You can fill the form here



Display your medical relief work in real-time, collaborate with other nonprofits and connect your communities