Meditorus : A Virtual Clinical Network

Beyond telemedicine and clinics, Meditorus helps us to on-board our whole network of general practitioners, nurses, specialists and community outreach onto a single virtual clinical networkThe patient just needs to make a missed call to connect. 

The platform matches  the patient to the exact skill- set they need, It may be 

1-To a Specialist for any complex health issues,

2-To a general practitioner for a routine check.  

3-To a nurse for a health-query, 

4-Or To a virtual front desk for non-medical info,

Only those queries that need to be answered by specialists are escalated to them. So, while specialists may personally see the most complex 20-30 patients in a day, they can supervise a network catering to 200-300 patients a day.


Experience a Virtual Clinical Network

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Benefits of the product

No doctor practices in isolation. We practice in clinical networks and we wish to give it our best.

​Patients can reach clinicians before they developed Complications.

Helps onboard the whole virtual clinical network onto a platform.

Improves consultation efficiency by almost 80%.

​Prevent disease progression, by working together with general practitioners.

No need of Internet connection just needs a missed call to connect.

It codifies specialist knowledge and makes it available to our whole network.

Reach out to more remote and rural communities.

Only those queries that need specialists are escalated to specialists.


It ensures every  interaction, at any level, is as specialists would’ve done it, irrespective of whom the patient interacted with.

Steps for Onboarding

Register for Demo

Details for IVR system are requested.

Creation of admin account and IVR system.

Ask for details of your center. 

Collect user details. 
​Especially whether the user is primary health worker, general practitioner or specialist

Conduct Training sessions 
​Transfer program.

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Meditorus connects the patient to the right level of care, all the while allowing you to keep track of these interactions.

Bring your practice network at one place and work as a team. Reach more patients, solve more complex cases, all in less time.

This product is exclusively for pro-bono, non-profit health services. Please register for a demo.