General Duty Assistants Program

To enhance and coordinate remote Health Care Delivery

About GDA

                                                                                                               ​More about GDA

Assistant nurse-caregivers, who have completed the NSDC, General Duty Assistant GDA’s ,are trained to ensure that hygiene and nutrition are provided,along with ensuring patients are  monitored and following prescriptions  to patients in hospitals, clinics, and old age homes. They  assist patients and elderly to take medicine in time, follow daily routines and help bed ridden elderly who are not able to live independently. They maintain a suitable environment for a patient’s recovery under the supervision of a medical team.

       Types of homes                                         Partners                                        Incidence of Covid                           3                                                              74                                                                0

Patients screened

         Number of treatment            sessions(physiotherapy)                      ​15358

             Nursing Sessions          ​
​                      13920

               Fall screening              
​                    ​1811

             No of surgeries            
​                      8

                       PPE kits       
​                         456

More About GDA Old Age Home Program

This is a story of how a hygiene challenge in urban old age homes became the precursor for rural nursing and elderly care. Many of the abandoned elderly in urban areas have lifestyle diseases, neurological and orthopaedic problems, affecting their ability to live independently. They require trained nurse-assistants who could take care of their nutrition, hygiene, monitoring, assist with treatment and coordinate with medical teams. GDA’s were placed in nonprofit old age homes with the elderly, in partnership with Elder spring, a Vijayvahini Charitable Foundation initiative.

 The nurse-assistants made a significant impact in the livability of destitute, abandoned and bed-ridden elderly. Their hygiene and nutrition improved.With the threat of COVID-19 Pandemic in mid-march 2020,there was a requirement that the partner old age homes and nurse-assistants could be rapidly upskilled  which was done remotely. With the opening of the lock-down in May 2020, nurse-assistants returned to their villages, after a period of isolation in Hyderabad. Dakshas has grappled with the challenge to provide everyday nursing care in rural areas.

 With the opening of the lock-down in May 2020, the GDA program turned out to be a precursor to extending elderly health services to villages. Nurse-assistants returned to their villages, after a period of isolation in Hyderabad. Their learnings could be deployed in the village, within their own communities. Nurse-assistants are happy to serve elderly in their villages rather than live as urban migrants.