Project-No Fever

A united fight against viral fevers

About Project No Fever
Dakshas Contribution

​About Project NoFever

Project no fever is a collective community(includes volunteers, Schools,Residential Welfare Associations,General physicians,Corporates and GHMC) effort that aims to do 7 activities on 7th day of a week, within 7 months with the goal to fight Dengue together (India has 1/3rd of Dengue Burden- Facing 96 million Dengue cases in India every year), Dengue cases are high in Hyderabad  as well, Project  No Fever is taken forward by Reddys Lab, Dakshas Foundation, Greater Hyderabad Municipal corporation and Indian Institute of Public Health Telangana,Telangana Government.Mainly focuses on Creating awareness, Measures to control Adult Vector,Prevention of Mosquito breeding and Joint efforts by responsible citizens).

 ​Dakshas Contribution to the Project

Engaging with doctors by conducting  Webinar's  on upskilling Physicians in  viral fever, attended by 100 family physicians.And external knowledge partners include  Resource group of National and international experts in infectious disease  who could support the upskill of the primary physician -Resource for physicians - Approach to AUFI in Covid 19 context,Latest Guidelines on Dengue, Co-infection, Webinar recordings, Recommended Apps, Options to engage with ProjectKnowledge received from the project was used in creating a fever helpline for patients Empowering Health Systems- All these information put together are shared Pan-India to empower ecosystem and equitable health delivery to marginalised population.Pro Bono Health services- Funds received from this project were also used to provide free Orthopedic services and Internal medicine Webinars to government community clinic  primary care physicians Going forward- Physician engagement with, Acute undifferentiated fever interest group, Fever decision support platform, Plug existing knowledge gap that affect clinical management.