Health Demand and supply

The main objective of this platform is to bring together virtually Supplier , NGO and the requestor 

A Health Demand and supplier application which helps to bring supplier , NGO and Requestor on to same page to fullfill essential and non - essential demands 

Benefits of Health Aggregrator 

  • Direct contact between supplier and requestor without any middlemen

  • Admin user can have command over other users

  • Supplier/ NGO user can update quantity of goods easily

  • Easy and secure access to all the users

  • Requestor / Patients can get access to products easily

Uses Of Health Aggregator App

  • To Admin to manage users and products on same platform

  • For supplier to provide products directly to end user

  • To requestor for faster and easier access of raised demand of products

  • To  NGO user to grant products to beneficiaries in easier manner

  • Useful in case of pandemic situation to work remotely