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From Illness to Health
Dakshas - undercurrent that aggregates all core and non-core activities of health-sector

Over 3.5% of Indian population, approximately 60 million people, become poor every (pre-pandemic) year due to healthcare bills. Health interventions are fragmented, unable to address an essentially sector wide problem of efficient healthcare delivery as a livelihood opportunity. While this allows isolated successes across individual silos, the lack of integrated approach does not allow us to harness any of the existing models or players at a health sector level. 

Dakshas establishes a collaborative health ecosystem, an under-current that aggregates all non-core activity of all healthcare stakeholders to facilitate their core effectiveness, allowing them to sustainably cater to marginalized populations, in partnership with existing public healthcare systems and schemes. Establish replicating fractals of healthcare clusters in wide geographies through non-profit partners to deliver comprehensive, end-to-end healthcare. 

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Our Mission and vision

Mission: To Ensure healthcare is delivered, not denied

Goal: Set-up sustainable scalable, replicable and collaborative health ecosystem relevant to the community and aligned to stakeholders who deliver Universal Healthcare and Access to Surgery.

Vision: To produce more value than we consume, sustainably.


Bharat Sharma

Program Coordinator

Sandeep Pentapati

Team Coordinator

Srinagesh Talatam

Independent Director

​Our Team

Core Team

Dakshas Core team consists of physicians, primary care and management professionals to create healthtech and service delivery through protocols.

Clinical Network

Dakshas Partners with Numerous Specialists and Healthcare units who contribute their free capacity to provide low-bono tertiary care.

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Volunteer Contributors

Numerous, highly skilled volunteers contribute to healthtech and data analytics platforms through individual and corporate volunteer programs.

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