• Universal Healthcare

    Healthcare delivered, not denied!

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Universal Healthcare for marginalised patients

Dakshas Healthcare ecosystem co-creates innovative medical protocols, service design and health-tech with IT CSR programs, nonprofit partners and healthcare providers, so no patient is marginalized. 

Dakshas Pro-bono Orthopedic Service


Virtual COVID-19 Platform for Non-profits

C19 Bot : Self-Triage, Register & Screen (under testing)

Samni Rural/Remote Health Logistics Delivery                    

Solve for Remote, Rural Healthcare 

Health Demand-Supply Aggregator (coming soon)

​Dakshas Principles for Universal Healthcare

Transfer 90% of healthcare from Specialist to Community

Dakshas transfer medical specialist knowledge and practices throughout the healthcare value chain, to ensure 90% of patients can be cared for at community or primary clinics.

Patients are escalated to specialists when required, saving OOPE and optimizing specialists time.

Match marginalized patients  to unused healthcare capacity

Dakshas connect marginalized patients who need healthcare to unused capacity of specialists, operating suites and hospitals, so care is delivered at near variable cost. 

Enhanced efficiency through Dakshas helps tertiary care cater to more patients at lower OOPE.

Plug resource gaps in public and non-profit hospitals

Dakshas ensures that pro-bono patient care is delivered by supporting supply of fixed assets, equipment and consumables required for the same. 


A common pool helps Dakshas mitigate fixed costs at these health-units, reducing OOPE for patients. 

Dakshas Health-Tech Platforms

Dakshas empowers Universal Healthcare through its probono, health-tech platforms for non-profit  partners. 

Probono Orthopedic Service
COVID-19 Remote Prescriptions
Virtual Clinical Networks
Remote, Rural Logistics Platform
SAMNI - Remote Health Logistics
Critical Oxgyen Therapy
Critical Oxgyen Therapy
COVID-19 Triage Registration Screening
C19 Bot : Triage and Screen
Find health suppliers. Address health demand
Health Demand-Supply Aggregator (Coming Soon)


Medical Resource: Differentiating COVID-19 from AUFI

A resource for primary physicians on how to differentiate COVID-19 from other Acute Undifferentiated Febrile Illness

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Solve Remote/Rural Healthcare
Program Wiki

 A 10 point program to ensure a rapid and permanent 

change in remote/rural healthcare delivery.

Implemented with 75 partner Community-based Organizations

Impact : Health Care Delivery over 50,000 unique complaints


Avg Treatment Cost

Rs.2.4 Crores

OOPE Saved

1560 Days

Specialist Time Saved

Rapid, Health-Tech Deployment : 4 Platforms



Rs.0.8 lakhs



Partner NPOs